The people's company
  • Q : Do you train your domestic employees? +-

    Yes, we do.

    iDoHelp initiates by hiring people who have experience, then we provide them training and educate them as thorough professionals. The process of inculcating good habit and core values take place. All the domestic employees undergo about dozens of training modules.

  • Q : How does it start? +-

    You can log on to our website and send us a direct enquiry through email (click here to send enquiry) you can also call us on our service number: 022 67079977. Once we receive the enquiry we will call you within 24 Hours.

    What is free trial and how am I eligible?

    Any service extending to duration of 15 days and above you are entitled for a free trial, once you have availed the free trial facility you can decide upon the confirmation (continuation) of services.

  • Q : How do you charge us? +-

    If you wish to avail any Post Paid services you shall be charged once the billing cycle is completed, i.e. you don’t pay us in advance.

    Here our monthly billing cycle consists of 30 fixed days, with 1st and 15th of every month being the day of payment. For the first month you pay us on prorate basis, means if you have booked a service from us on 23rd of April, in such a scenario you will pay us for 08 days only. (23rd to 30th of April = 08 Days)

    Days Date
    1 23 Apr
    2 24 Apr
    3 25 Apr
    4 26 Apr
    5 27 Apr
    6 28 Apr
    7 29 Apr
    8 30 Apr

    For e.g. the service you wish to avail costs Rs. 10,000/- per month. The calculation here is simple 10000 ÷ 30 × 8 = 2666. We calculate the number of days every month as per 30 fixed days.

    1st you take the free trial. (Testing)

    2nd you avail the service. (Satisfied)

    3rd you pay us. (Done)

  • Q : What about my next month? +-

    From next month onwards you will be billed on 1st and 15th of every month irrespective of the number of calendar days that month has.

    For e.g. for an amount of Rs. 10,000/- per month. You pay us 5000 on the 1st and balance 5000 on the 15th date of that particular month.

  • Q : What happens in case of late payment? +-

    We believe in providing a hassle free experience to our customers when it comes to quality of service, we certainly expect our customer to obey the payment rules. (We provide a 7 days window to settle the payment, in case the payment is not settled we have to cancel the registration, though we hate doing this)

  • Q : Why is this ceiling of 15 days? +-

    This ceiling is our initiative to give more power to you as a customer and safeguard the interest of the company and the employee’s.

  • Q : The fair policy? +-

    Where the market follows a one month or two months advance salary cycle we on the other hand provide you an option to first experience the service and then pay us.

  • Q : How do I pay? +-

    You have the following options:

    Online Offline
    Credit Card Account Transfer
    Debit Card Pay On Doorstep (POD) - Cash/ Cheque
    Net Banking -

    For e.g. the service you wish to avail costs Rs. 10,000/- per month. The calculation here is simple 10000 ÷ 30 × 8 = 2666. We calculate the number of days every month as per 30 fixed days.

    1st you take the free trial. (Testing)

    2nd you avail the service. (Satisfied)

    3rd you pay us. (Done)

  • Q : Do I have an option to pay full in advance? +-

    Yes you can pay for an entire month with the above mentioned payment options. We provide a one month credit across all services on long term basis.

  • Q : What if I’m not satisfied, do I get replacement? +-

    We try our level best to satisfy all our customer needs and requirements. We strongly believe our customer is the sole reason for our existence, however if you feel dissatisfied by our services in any manner just call us on 022 67079977 (Drop us an email or SMS us) and we will do the needful, on the very next duty visit you will be greeted by a new face.

  • Q : How do I cancel your services? +-

    We shall be disappointed to see you go irrespective of the reason, specifically if it involves our level of service or commitments. You can cancel with immediate notice as per your convenience.

  • Q : What happens when my domestic help is absent? +-

    If incase the help is absent we will send you an immediate reliever (substitute). We have a reporting pattern for every day’s work which closely monitors the timing of every individual. We usually don’t allow leisure holidays without prior intimation; a system of approval is set in place which is to be followed before taking a leave.

  • Q : How many numbers of leaves can the help take? +-

    Every domestic maid is entitled to 5 Paid leaves every month, above these paid leaves the help is also entitled to 12 sick leaves every year.

  • Q : What happens during sick leaves? +-

    During the unavoidable condition of the help not reaching your place due to illness or some sudden act of unavoidable instance, we will send you a temporary reliever who will resume the responsibilities of your existing help.

  • Q : Would I get the same domestic help again?+-

    It highly depends on the availability of the domestic help; we follow a pattern of zone wise allotment of helps. You can still place a request online while rebooking through us.

  • Q : What is this reporting pattern? +-

    On the basis of our past experience and carefully studying client requirement we have developed a system which closely monitors following activities:

    Domestic Helps Clients
    Performance Satisfaction
    Punctuality Changing requirement
    Health -
    Behaviour -

    This pattern helps us to give a personalized service to each and every client and at a same time helps us to monitor the day-to-day domestic help activities. This enables us to serve the client in a systematic manner further client building activities.