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Carpet Cleaning Services in Mumbai

A carpet enhances the overall look of a house; a neat and clean floor carpet elevates the beauty of one’s dwelling place.

Carpet is one of the trickiest places to be cleaned; because it requires utmost care and minutest detailing. Further, carpets act like a magnet for dirt and muck. Furthermore, if not cleaned timely and properly it may end up hosting bacteria and germs.

Carpets are distinguished on the type and style of manufacturing process they have undergone.  In the sewing standard it is described as interlocking strands of yarn into a backing material commonly known as weaving.

Under normal circumstances the cleaning method of a carpet also depends on the type of make (weave) it has. Four major types of weaves are:

1.     Cut Pile Carpet – The top loops of surface are cut.
2.     Loop Pile Carpet - The loops are uncut on the surface and are even in size.
3.     Patterned Loop Carpet - The loops are uncut and the loops have variation in size (height and width) multiple heights.
4.     Cut and Loop Carpet - When cuts and loops are combined.

We at iDoHelp, provide you residential carpet cleaning services (apartment, home, society, etc.) as well as corporate carpet cleaning services (office etc.) with the best of the industry professionals that are outfitted with all the latest tools and equipments to carry out their work which allows them to function quickly and efficiently.

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