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Nursing Services in Mumbai

An in-house nurse provides treatments and medical aid to the requirer as per the prescription from a certified physician. The house-nurse would keep the physician updated on the development and outcome of the ongoing treatment. House nurse’s task includes if not limited to maintaining stock of drugs and medical peripherals, injecting syringes for injecting medicine or draw blood, changing bandage and catheters, tube feeding, wound care and Intravenous therapy (IV therapy is subject to the severity of treatment and strictly as per the direction the physician)

A home nurse also known as in-house nurse administer task that is supposed to be conducted in a hospital, they provide necessary services to assist the doctor's care on a everyday basis. There are times when a patient is not able to travel to hospital due to various reasons; there are also times when the admitter would prefer being treated at home, in such an event hiring a full time in-house nurse becomes an ideal option. We are providing professional nursing service in Mumbai becomes an ideal option. Major Responsibilities of House Nurse includes:

Check Medication Stock and Dosage
Maintain Medical Equipment
Replenish Consumables
Handle Sanitary Needs
Assess and Keep a check on Patients condition

Our caretakers understand the importance of diligence and are well aware that for dependent seeking care; someone who is attentive and handles difficult situation is very important.

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