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Residential Housekeeping Services

A regular housekeeping service is a basic cleaning of residential place where special emphasis is given on cleanliness and sanitation. During this process the focus is on areas which are hidden and difficult to reach.

Our experts are groomed, trained and experienced to provide professional Residential housekeeping service at your home.

As skilled practitioner we understand that it is not possible for you to reach out and tidy-up every surface and corner of your house, this is where our expertise comes to execute.

Following are the major areas covered while we offer Residential Housekeeping services:

Kitchen - Shelves and cabinets – neatened, removal of strains from glass panes and platform, sink deep cleaned. Chimney, Refrigerator and Owen cleansed.

Doors and Window - Glass panes and doors – wiped, washed, and cleaned, ledges and corners – dusted clean, hidden areas. Bedroom - Shelves and cabinets deep cleaned, carpets vacuumed, under bed vacuumed, under-bed and movable furniture cleaned.
Living room - Drawers and hangings dusted cleaned, edges and hidden corner vacuumed, sofa vacuumed, under-furniture wiped.
Washroom - Deodorization and sanitization, removal of hard water strains, corner and surfaces wiped, floor scrubbed and mopped, pots deep cleaned, basins deep cleaned.
Balcony and Patio - Low roof and awnings dusted, berm and ledges cleaned, furniture dusted and cleaned.

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