The people's company
Why We ?

Available for over 16 hours a day.

Have honest conversation.

Get instant response.

we are class apart

Our customer service, response time and troubleshooting set us apart from the crowd. We believe in is simple but powerful rule: always give people more than what they expect to get. We are committed to offer you the finest of service and support whenever you require.

We are listening to you.
THE small journey

What started with a small journey of four individuals have today taken a shape of organization, and seeking the overwhelming response we decided to offer the same services to online users further expanding our users.

We started off in 2012 and in less than 2 years we have served decent number of clients.

We are good people.
we work hard for your satisfaction

We are continuously occupied with handling our existing and new customers which is only possible once we start delivering quality service and getting every nano-detail right. Today word of mouth plays a vital role in our publicity; in fact over 70% of our clients are either our previous ones or referred ones. Online/Offline/Social Media promotions accounts for less than 20% of our clients and affiliate schemes account to approx 10% of user base.

We are perfect...almost.
and yes we are a brand...

As a brand we never run away from problems like client handling, responsibility, reliability, troubleshooting and scalability.

This is the single reason for having an average customer satisfaction index of over 91.8% in the last two years, and this year we aim to do even better.

We are the peoples company.